Imagine how a conservatory could transform your home

Have you been looking for a way to improve your house, add space or make the most of the garden? At Rainbow Window Design we offer more than double glazing and our conservatories come with the same standard of service and value for money as any of our products.

Our conservatories are available in a selection of sizes, styles and designs, so that there is a conservatory to meet everyone’s requirements; whether you have limited space, want it to match the Victorian or Edwardian style of your home, or need a more modern look.

Feedback we get from our customers tells us that people use their new conservatories for all kinds of things, and that this really does provide a flexible space, that you can make work around your needs:

Additional living space: a conservatory can provide a quiet space away from TV, computer games or loud music, with the peace of a wide garden view. Double glazing can help keep the room’s temperature consistent and ensure it doesn’t contribute to heat loss.

Parties: the unusual indoor/outdoor feel of a conservatory works well for any kind of party and allows you to spill out into the garden too, should the weather allow. The glass at night can look very pretty hung with lights.

Hobby room: we had one customer who set up a model railway in the conservatory, and another who used the space for yoga.

Growing plants: with the combination of glass and climate control the conservatory can be an exciting place to grow tropical plants, or to overwinter delicate plants from the garden.

Additional accommodation: whatever you use the space for, it’s always handy to have the extra floor for a guest bed.

Find out more about our conservatories and double glazing; get in touch with Rainbow today!